38% Thinner

38% Lebih Nipis

Multi Layer Top Sheet

3X Lapisan SAP

Acqusition Distribution Layer (ADL)

Penyerapan Yang Lebih Pantas dan Sekata Untuk Pengaliran banyak

Softer to Baby Skin

Lembut Pada Kulit Bayi

Airlaid System

Permukaan Yang lebih Kering dan Pengaliran yang Lebih Baik

No Chlorine

Tidak Mengandungi Klorin

No chlorine

Chlorine bleaching is used in a lot of mass-market infant diapers. Chlorine bleaching produces a compound known as carcinogenic dioxins. Dioxins pose a number of serious health risks to your baby’s growth, ranging from immune system damage to hormonal imbalances (increasingly common among children).


The advantages of the product “outweigh the established risks for the intended use,” according to the agency. To obtain approval, manufacturers must apply a premarket approval (PMA) application along with the findings of clinical testing.

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