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100% S.A.P* MULTI-LAYERED Absorbent Core

“BVP Baby Diapers are designed with top-quality sustainable materials. We use 100% Super Absorbent Polymer, without any addition of fluff cotton fibres.

Our diapers are able to absorb liquids up to 40x of its own weight. Quick-drying & fast absorbing dual core super absorbent polymer (SAP) sheets, bulk fee and made without fluff cotton.

Know what’s in our diapers

Our top sheet is made with spherical 360 degrees non-woven, hyper-absorbent core absorbs evenly distributes fluids to prevent bulking

The mid acquisition distribution layer function to absorb faster and block fluid from leaking.

BVP absorbent core uses a high and better S.A.P rate that have a good composition of absorbent agents and perfect nature.”

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