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6 Good Tips How to Choose the Best Diaper for Your Baby!

Whether you are a first time parent or you are experienced, once your baby is born, you will have to choose the perfect diapers for your little one.

There will always be something new in the market and not gonna lie… the choices can be really overwhelming for parents!

Here are few tips from BVP which can help you to choose the best diaper for your child.

Skin Sensitivity

Babies tend develop dry skin, rashes, or other skin conditions a few months after their birth. In fact, diaper dermatitis comes from any moisture that’s sitting around in your baby’s diaper for a certain period of a time. One of the best ways to reduce skin dermatitis issue is by choosing disposable diapers that are dermatologically tested and manufactured without allergens or unpleasant material.


Look out for the stretch ability and a good fit in diapers. It should be stretchable enough to fit your baby comfortably without leaving any creases and marks on the skin.

Good Absorbency

The main purpose of wearing a diaper is to quickly absorb pee and poo without any leaving any leakages even after hours of wearing. Although, it is advisable to change baby’s diaper often, but with good absorbency it will prevent any unwanted accident to occur.

Wetness Indicator

Wetness indicator lines change colour (usually from yellow to green) as the diaper becomes fully soiled. Then, you will know when is the right time for your baby to change with into a new diaper.


It’s advisable for parents to choose a diaper that is made from soft and breathable material so it will not restrict any airflow to the baby’s bottoms, causing them to feel stuffy and cranky. This is the fact, especially when as we are living in Malaysia with such a hot and humid weather. Airy diaper would means less likely for the baby skin to have irritation.

Size Range

It’s better to have options for a diaper brand that offers a full range of sizes from newborn to larger sizes, in order to cater for your baby’s different growth stages.

Now you know what to consider when buying diapers for your little one!
We hope that this guide will be able to save you a lot of trips to the store and help you choose the perfect diapers right from the start!
You should focus on raising your little ones with love, let BVP take care of their comfort!

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