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BVP Exclusive Pack

“BVP Exclusive Pack will become your child’s loyal company to nurture and care throughout their early childhood.

They come in size S until XXL, ready to embrace your child. BVP Exclusive diaper absorb moisture quickly with 100% SAP (no added single fluff pulp) to give your child the best protection against leakage up to 12 hours. Keeping your little ones dry so they can play longer.

Soft even on the most sensitive skin, BVP’s diaper provide a cushiony layer of protection between your baby’s skin and the mess. Dry nappy will keep the unfortunate red, irritated bumpy symptoms of diaper rash at bay.

BVP is also eco conscious with our diapers made from biodegradable material that are free from chlorine, Phthalate, or any other harmful chemicals.”

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