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Ditch Diaper Rash

Petition to let your baby bumps breathe!

Hello parents, tired of dealing with diaper rash on your precious child’s skin? BVP hear your concern and here to give wise words about fighting off those skin villains and restore peace back to your baby’s skin!


Before you start fighting (treating) diaper rash, first you need to know where and how it comes to be? Was is through external or internal factors? BVP will tell all, so get your note taking skill going, because we are going to start our lesson!


Tenderness and puffiness on the skin along the bottom (along the buttocks, genitals and upper thighs).
Baby is more irritable than regular, especially when touched in the affected area.

(Important: Diapers can happen to babies age 1-15 months, however are more common during the 9-12 months)


There are a number of causes to diaper rash. One of the main and most common cause is babies wearing a wet diaper for a long period of time and rubs against your baby’s skin.

Other causes to lookout for:

Prolonged exposure to stool/ feces (worsened when baby has diarrhea)
Composition of stool and frequencies of diapers change due to the introduction of solid foods. The condition of diapers, which is always warm and moist are inviting bacteria and yeast to proliferate.
Introducing new products to baby directly onto baby’ skin, (diapers, disposable wipes, baby oil, powder, lotion detergent & bleach for baby’s clothes)
Mum’s food intake for breast fed babies.
Skin sensitivities on babies.
Very tight fitting clothes or diapers causes rubbing and chafing of skin.


When dealing with diaper rash, parents can try to ease the pain at home first by following these following steps, however if the situation worsened, do seek medical attention pronto.

Wash your baby’s bottom with warm water and gently dry the area (do not rub your baby’s skin when he has a diaper rash).
Apply anti-diaper rash cream or petroleum jelly afterwards, particularly between the legs, this is done to seal skin from wetness.
It is also important to change diapers frequently and make sure that your baby is always clean and dry!
You can also let the baby play naked in the comfort of your home and when you’re sure the rooms are not too cold (most air-conditioned rooms can be too cold for babies).


Use ONLY cornstarch based talcum powders, to allow powder dust to be inhaled by skin.
Use fragrance-free products, avoid strong fragrances
Start implementing diaper-free hour to allow baby’s skin some time to breathe.
Do patch test on baby when introducing him/her to a new product.
Avoid plastic lined/ plastic panties with a cloth based nappy.
Avoid extremely tight fitting clothes and nappies.

Now that you’ve gone through all there is to know about diaper rash, we hope that our BVP parents out there are ready to make well-informed decision when dealing nappy rash. You can also switch to BVP to avoid nappy rash! BVP diapers are designed to be highly absorbant, making baby’s skin dry at all time, leavinG no room for bacteria and yeast to grow!

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