BVP RICH HOLDINGS SDN BHD is the first company in Malaysia which appeared with a unique invention which is a Grade B type disposable diaper Premium known as Borneo Viral Pants. BVP is Grade B Premium and not Grade A disposable diapers as available in the market. However it is of international quality and very save for the needy. Borneo Viral Pants is also the first disposable diaper business in Malaysia which introduced the concept of conversion policy if there are errors listed in the conversion criteria. BVP grade B premium is available in New Born to XXXL sizes. Each pack has 50 pieces and all sizes are the same ie RM28 per pack. as a tribute to loyal customers. BVP has also been introduces double savings i.e. purchase COMBO RM50.00 / 2 packs Borneo Viral Pants Grade B Premium is the first product issued by BVP RICH HOLDINGS SDN BHD.

Now, BVP has released another new BVP product called BVP GRADE B PREMIUM PLUSS, it is error free and can be used 100% without the need for a conversion policy. If BVP grade B premium is specially created for Sabahan citizens only.

BVP GRADE B PREMIUM PLUSS products are specially created for the market throughout Malaysia and the international market. BVP GRADE B PREMIUM PLUSS quantity 50 pieces in each pack. Maintained for all sizes, difference only in price. The price of 1 pack is RM29.00 and there is no offer for purchase combos like Grade B Premium. BVP GRADE B PREMIUM PLUSS products have their own special features and it will get a place in the hearts of all those who requires BVP.

Our goal is to help those in need our expertise in solving the problems they face.

“Ya Allah, make this BVP product beneficial and profitable My afterlife and the afterlife of my customers. “

The front line of Borneo Viral Pants is made up of registered legal distributors.
Nearby customers can contact a list of nearby distributors.
Daily delivery is done including Saturday & Sunday holidays.
Shipping charges depend on the distance you settle.