Please read carefully. By purchasing this product, you agree to the terms and conditions below.

  1. Customers need to know that this Borneo Viral Pants Disposable Diaper product is Grade B Premium where it is from Grade A but has been separated into Grade B Premium because there is a small error during the manufacturing process of this Disposable Diaper.
  2. The price for the Premium Pack is RM28.00 for one pack and has a 2 Pack Combo Pack with a price of RM50.00.
  3. The price of the Premium Pluss Pack is RM29.90 for one pack and there is no combo pack unless HQ makes PROMOS!.
  4. Customers can only get this product from a legally appointed distributor.
  5. HQ will ensure the goods are in good condition before shipping.
  6. HQ will make a conversion policy for common Juan errors and must include a purchase receipt before making any conversion.